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NLFC Heritage Jumper



On Wednesday 13th June the North Launceston Colts and U18 attended the AFL Community Education Programme which is a face-to-face education programme covering topics such as Alcohol and binge drinking, Illicit drugs in sport and respect and responsibility. Former Sydney Swans player and Western Bulldog player Ed Barlow was the host.

Colts coach Adrian Smith was full of praise for the programme, the session was very educational on all topics covered and was well received by all players who we thank for their participation .

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The Club will celebrate 120 years of football in season 2013.  Plans are currently underway to finalise an event to celebrate this milestone next year, and members and sponsors will be kept up to date on details when they are finalised.  The event will recognise players, members and volunteers throughout the 120 history of the Club.

Our new Heritage Players Jumper has been approved and we are delighted with the design.  Our players will wear this jumper with pride at selected games throughout the year.

Members will have the opportunity to own their own souvenir Heritage Jumper -

  • Member Prize Draw - All persons who pay their membership prior to 31st January 2013 will automatically go in the draw to win one of these magnificent jumpers. You may have the option of having this signed by the player, or coach of your choice.
  • Member Purchase - Members may purchase a jumper through the Club at the cost of $65.00 each.  All orders must be received by the Club, and paid for no later than the 10th January 2013. Please nominate your required size and player number for the back.
  • Function Auction - The Club will hold several auctions during the year at various events; with the prize being a Heritage Jumper signed by some of the Club's Legends.

All at the Club are looking forward to the forthcoming year, and to achieving success both on and off the field.

We encourage you to renew your membership, or sign up as soon as early as possible. Remember - Members are the true supporters of the Club. Show your support and become a member now. Don't forget our great online membership -select the online membership icon on the home page and join through the membership portal. If you don't have your username and password, please email for details through the system.

To place an order for the heritage jumper, complete the order form, or contact Rob Donnelly at the Club on 6334 2359.